Garmin Vívomove™HR Premium Goldrose con correa de cuero gris
Garmin Vívomove™HR Premium Goldrose con correa de cuero gris

Garmin Vívomove™ HR premium black with light brown leather strap

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Elegant hybrid watch with hidden touch screen and hands. Heart rate and intensity control 24h. Monitor your stress, with timer for relaxation. Two weeks of battery life.


Always active and fashionable with vívomove HR. This stylish hybrid smartwatch features a hidden touchscreen display. Traditional hands display the time and scroll instantly so you can check your messages, heart rate1 and other information. Count your steps and calories, and monitor your well-being through the all-day stress monitor1.

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Hybrid smartwatch

Enjoy the best of both worlds: physical hands combined with a touchscreen and a discreet design. The smart display only appears when you turn your wrist quickly to consult the watch. The hands move immediately when you interact with the touchscreen and return to display the time in their usual position when you're done.

Heart rate monitoring with style

Forget about choosing between functionality and style. This sophisticated watch monitors heart rate through the wrist. In addition to counting steps and monitoring sleep, vívomove HR uses heart rate to provide information on calories burned and quantify the intensity1 of your activities.

Stress monitoring

You probably experience stress at some point during the day, but do you know how much? With all-day stress monitoring, vívomove HR smartwatch lets you know whether you're having a calm, stressful or balanced day, and get detailed information about it. If your stress level increases during the day, you'll know it's time to take a break to avoid a headache or other physical symptoms. Use the relaxation timer to perform a deep breathing exercise to reduce your stress levels.

Fitness monitoring

vívomove HR is designed to help you feel good inside and out. This watch incorporates fitness monitoring tools that give you a better reference of your current physical condition. Through the heart rate monitor on the wrist, you'll get an estimate of your VO2 max. In addition, it also calculates your age based on fitness, which you can reduce with hard work and regular exercise.

Advanced sleep monitoring

Sleep contributes to your health, mood and overall well-being. vívomove HR incorporates an advanced sleep monitoring feature that helps you measure how much sleep you get and the time you spend in each sleep phase². The watch extracts heart rate and heart rate variability data to measure the time you spend in each sleep phase: light, deep and REM. You can review the data later at Garmin Connect.

Change your style

No matter what look you're wearing, vívomove HR is the perfect accessory. It's compatible with industry-standard 20mm quick-release bands, so you can get one of every color and effortlessly change them whenever you want.

Sleek and sophisticated

Don't miss text messages or notifications thanks to smart notifications2 displayed on the digital display. Data from your fitness and wellness tracking is automatically uploaded to the free online community Garmin Connect™. You can even control your music from the watch.

Move IQ™ feature

No longer will you need to start and stop the activity timer every time you start a new walk. The vívomove HR smartwatch starts them automatically and lets you review your daily activities later on Garmin Connect.

Share and compete

By syncing your activities to Garmin Connect, you'll do more than just save your data. Garmin Connect is a successful online community that users can connect to wherever they are. They can compete in challenges, cheer each other on and even share their successes on social media. Garmin Connect is free and available for computers and smartphones through the Garmin Connect™ Mobile app.

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Garmin Vívomove™ HR premium black with light brown leather strap
Case Diameter (in mm)
Box height (in mm)
Fiber-reinforced polymer
OLED touch screen glass
64 x 128 pixel resolution
Hybrid Analog-Digital
Black silicone strap (Quickfit 20 mm)
Water Resistance
Official Warranty
2 years
Case Garmin
iPhone and Android
Intelligent mode: up to 5 days;Analog mode: up to 2 weeks
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